the new york times

the bass-baritone Douglas Williams, in a superbly incisive performance"

“The most powerful singer here was Douglas Williams, a bass-baritone with a superb sense of drama.”

“Mr. Williams is a lively mover, kicking the air as he first vaults onto the stage, lifted by others... Mr. Williams is also the most completely satisfying singer here.”

“The gifted young bass-baritone, Douglas Williams, in the role of Alix’s dashing, long-lost husband, Laurance.”  

washington post

“Stylish and warm voiced” 

boston globe

“An unusually fine-grained bass voice”


“An ample bass-baritone of an intrinsically beautiful quality, and a sensitive resonation to text."

atlanta journal constitution

Williams is possessed of a one-of-a-kind instrument, and you can hear it every time he opens his mouth to speak or sing.” 

hub review

“This young bass just keeps sounding deeper and richer, and he’s a handsome, resourceful theater presence to boot.”

Palm Beach Arts Paper

“Williams was the find of the day, with an absolutely beautiful reading of the “Qui tollis” ... that showcased a voice of dark-honey color and substantial presence. This solo covers a wide range of about two octaves, and Williams’s voice had a gratifying evenness that was effective at the very top and bottom as much as in the middle. His phrasing, too, was masterful, and exemplary for Haydn’s late style."



wall street journal

The visible, vocal and dramatic star of the sung show was bass-baritone Douglas Williams as Polyphemus. Far from being a giant one-eyed monster, he is a tall, suave, handsome lecher in a business suit... He also sings with great gusto, and acts and moves skillfully among the dancers… A most ingratiating villain."


“Douglas Williams deployed a winning stage manner and a sturdy bass-baritone that lent a gleeful tone to the villainous Polyphemus. It was impossible to resist.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Douglas Williams' beautifully sung, irrepressibly charming Figaro"


“A secure and sonorous presence.”


“... a theatrical impact thanks to Douglas Williams's resonance and mastery across a wide-ranging tessitura.” 


“A formidable stage presence.” 

San Francisco chronicle

Douglas Williams was a fine blend of tonal power and physical resourcefulness.”


a fiercely versatile performer"

seen and heard international

“Rock-solid voice and commanding stage presence.”